Why Christians Hijacked Pagan Festivals

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Why Christians Hijacked Pagan Festivals

By Paddy Phillips  |   Submitted On October 13, 2014

Many of the so-called Christian festivals we celebrate today were originally pagan celebrations marking special times/ days in the yearly cycle of seasons. They were taken over by Christians, or, to be more specific, the Catholic Church, during the latter half of the first millennium AD. Here is why they chose to adapt pagan festivals to suit Christianity.

First, a few Examples

Before going into why many pre-Christian celebrations were hijacked by Catholics, let's take a brief look at some prime examples of such 'take-overs'.
Easter ...
Halloween ...
Christmas ...
If at first you don't succeed..
Why these Festivals were Hijacked ...
Read more : http://ezinearticles.com/?Why-Christians-Hijacked-Pagan-Festivals&id=8764118